Diet Related Taboos During Pregnancy – A Narrative Review

  • Nitika Hans MD Pharmacology, working as Senior Resident in department of Pharmacology, GMC Amritsar
Keywords: Pregnancy, dietary deficiency


Maternal nutrition has a huge impact on the health of the mother and the fetus. Pregnancy imposes the need for considerable extra calorie and nutrient requirements. A food taboo is a prohibition against consuming certain  foods are embedded into the cultural and religious threads. The restrictions imposed on people forces them to abstain from certain food and drinking items as these things. Food taboos in this community are deep rooted. Avoidance of nutritive food was common in both the  religion. Many misconceptions are prevalent which do not have scientific basis. Maternal nutrition needs to be prioritized at community level among family members and front line workers. Anganwadi workers need to be  sensitized   regarding different beliefs about food consumption during pregnancy and lactation.

Keywords: Pregnancy, dietary deficiency 

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